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The history of our Stud is not very old but at least more than twenty years Our interest and experience with horses however goes back for many years. In 1996 we bought a beautiful Pure Bred Arabian mare named Amoureux which is a full daughter of the legendary stallion Plakat. Amoureux was ridden under the saddle by our eldest daughter. We have a lot of pleasure with this horse which gave us beautiful foals. The first foal was a bay colt named KW-Ayaskim sired by Kahal the tall black son from the well-known Russian import Karnaval.

KW-Ayaskim was born in 1998 and is a tall copperbay stallion with great movements. In spring 2006  KW-Ayaskim was purchased by Arabian Fantasie in Rijssen, Holland. After a few years he was purchased to the northen part of France where he was ridden in dressage.

In 2000 a beautiful filly from Amoureux and the well-known grey stallion Araf El Maklouf was born. Araf is a first premium stallion, bred in France out of Russian, French and German bloodlines. The father of Araf is the world-famous stallion Maklouf. This grey filly named Kw-Amrya is very typy and has fantastic movements. Kw Amrya is now a beautiful flea-bitten Arabian mare with unbelievable moves and a beautiful type and character. She never left us and we can still enjoy her every day.

In 2001 we got a chestnut filly from Amoureux and the Polish/Egyptian bred stallion G-Basgier. This first premium black stallion was imported from the USA. He has a good type and in my opinion the combination with the Russian breeding of Amoureux was a good choice. We named this beautiful filly KW-Agiera. In the summer of 2005 KW-Agiera was purchased  by the family van Genne in Marum Holland. Kw-Agiera was not only a beauty but she also reached a very high level in dressage. She was rewarded for life with a certificate for her dressage-prestations from the official AVS Stud book in Holland. As a versatile Arabian she also is an excellent jumper.

In 2002 we got a colt from the Polish bred stallion Mononov. This stallion was imported from Italy where he was successful in breeding and on the race-track. Mononov is a very good mover and is ridden under the saddle on a high level. He is also a full brother to Monogramm the world-famous top-halter 3 stallion in the USA. Our new foal named Amirnov is a beautiful bay colt with a beautiful head and superb movements. In the summer of 2005 KW-Aminov was purchased by Conny Fraisl from Ebreichsdorf, Austria who had great plans with this beautiful horse. She trained KW-Amirnov for the race track and in spring 2006 he ran his first race on the racetrack of Magna Racino in Austria. At his first race in Germany he dominated the race from the first moment but unfortunately he was beaten on the last meter. Nevertheless a wonderful horse with a fine character.

On 9 May 2007  KW-Asulaya  a beautiful bay filly was born in our stables. Her mother is our foundation-mare Amoureux and her father the great chestnut  MM-Sultan which was the best Dutch bred Stallion for many years. KW-Asulaya was a beautiful filly with an extremely good head a great size fantastic movements and a straight Russian pedigree. She is owned and trained by Jeantine Verwiel and activ in the Endurence-competion. Like all our Arabians she also can move as in a dream,

On the 4 th of July 2007  KW-Ashir an extremely typey colt was born. His mother is our KW-Amrya El Araf and his father MM-Sultan. KW-Ashir is a beautiful horse with an extremely good head and a very pronounced dish. His pedigree is a nice blend of Russian and Egyptian bloodlines. Ashir was born with a very dark bay colour but he became grey  with beautiful black manes. Like his mother Kw-Amrya he is a fleabitten grey now which is very special with his black manes. Kw-Ashir is owned and trained by Saskia vd.Berg on a very high level in dressage and jumping. In 2016 he even came out for our national AVS Studbook on the CHIO in Aachen-Germany. A real eye-catcher which combines beauty and performence.


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