Kropswood Arabian Stud

Welcome to the homepage of Kropswood Arabian Stud!

On this page there is a presentation of our Stud and our horses.
We have had horses since 1987 and Arabian Horses since 1996.
We have only a few horses but we are very interested in the Beauty, Charm and Performance of the Pure Bred Arabian.

If you are interested in our horses please do not hesitate to contact me for more information.

Kropswood philosophy

We don’t breed only straight Egyptian Arabians
We don’t breed only straight Russian Arabians
We don’t breed only straight Polish  Arabians
We don’t breed only straight Spanish Arabians
We  breed straight Kropswood  Arabians
We try to take the best of every breeding
Combining the exotic type of the Egyptian
With the size and the trot of the Russian
We don’t forget  the performance of te French
We always remember the charm of the Polish.

Our aim: A Pure Bred Arabian Horse who combines  Beauty, Charm, Performence and Type.

Wim & Bertha Grosman


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