Plakat – Sire of Many Champions

Plakat was All Nations Cup Champion stallion, European Champion stallion and World reserve Champion stallion. He is the sire of Warandes Plakat, Galba, Warandes Pasha, Saskia Rjall all of whom are world champions and world champion producers! Plakat has sired many champions worldwide. Plakat was one of the most beautiful sons of Aswan and his special stamp was his extreme Arabian type and fabulous motion. Plakat was an extremely good breeding horse. His descendents are not only beautiful horses but they also prove themselves on the racetrack and they are excellent riding horses. Because of his great contribution to the breeding of the Pure Bred Arabian horses he was already a legend when he was still alive .We are proud that we are in possession of one of his last daughters, Amoureux. Our beautiful foundation-breeding mare Amoureux is not only a beautiful horse herself but in breeding she is also of great value. She passes on a lot of type and movements to all her offspring.

Over here a few descendents of the great sire Plakat, which are famous throughout the world.

Khouros (Plakat X Chantal)  – Winner of the All Nation Cup in Aachen (Germany) standing at Dasara
Arabians  Dave & Sarah King Minnesota USA

Warandes Plakat (Plakat XBarwna) – Two times Word Champion Paris (France) standing at Nejdi
Arabians Belgium

Galba (Plakat X Gza gza) – World Champion 1999 standing at Halsdon Farm fam Watts United Kingdom

Pladykt (Plakat Xbint Edykta) – Junior Champion Holland and Germany standing at Sphinx
Arabians Holland

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