Mononov – a horse with fantastic movements

Mononov was born in the USA, sired by the famous stallion Negatraz (Bask X Negotka). His dam was the legendary chestnut mare Monogramma. This mare is perhaps one of the most influential Arabian mares of the last century and her history is almost unbelievable. During the Second World War her grandmother Mammona was transported from Poland to Russia by Russian soldiers. As a foal she had to walk next to her mother Krucia into Russia. Mamona was mated with Priboj and from this combination Monopolia the dam of Monogramma was born. Monogramma was sired by Knippel. She was a very successful broodmare and her offspring were outstanding. When she was eighteen years old she was sold to the USA. In 1984 she was sold to the Patterson family where she produced four foals from the well-known stallion Negatraz. All these foals (three stallions and one mare) were of outstanding quality and became famous all over the world. The mare was named Monogracja and she is a beautiful chestnut mare like her mother. The stallions Monopolii and Mononov are bay. And then there is also the famous chestnut Monogramm who is still one of the best halter stallions in the USA. His influence on Arabian breeding is of great importance. The Triple Crown Winner Ekstern for instance is a good example of the quality of his offspring. Mononov came to Europe where he was successful on the racetrack in Italy. Later on he was sold to Aurid Muskee where he was trained at a high level as a dressage horse. Mononov is a stallion with fantastic movements and it is obvious that a horse with a pedigree like his can produce very good offspring.

All in the family

Sire: Negatraz

Dam: Monogramma





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