KW – Ashir

KW-Ashir an extremely typey colt and he was born in our stables on the 4 of July 2007. His mother is our KW-Amrya El Araf and his father the great chestnut MM-Sultan. This very typical stallion was born in the Netherlands as a son of the bay stallion Kubay Khan. MM-Sultan inherited his fantastic movements from his father Kubay Khan and the looks and size from his grandfather the great Kubinec. MM-Sultan is the best Dutch bred Stallion for many years and also his offspring is very successful. KW-Ashir also is a beautiful horse with an extremely good head and a very pronounced dish. His pedigree is a nice blend of Russian and Egyptian bloodlines. His head and appearance is even so elegant as his friendly character.The name Ashir is meaning blessing and we think that we are blessed because this wonderful horse was born in our stables. Ashir was born with a very dark bay colour but he will be grey in the future. His mother KW-Amrya El Araf was also born with a dark bay colour and she became a beautiful flee-bitten grey mare.

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