KW – Asulaya

KW-Asulaya is a beautiful bay filly and she was born in our stables on 9 May 2007. Her mother is our mare Amoureux and her father the great chestnut MM-Sultan. This very typical stallion was born in the Netherlands as a son of the bay stallion Kubay Khan.

MM-Sultan inherited his fantastic movements from his father Kubay Khan and the looks and size from his grandfather the great Kubinec. MM-Sultan is the best Dutch bred Stallion for many years and also his offspring is very successful. Our KW-Asulaya also is a beautiful filly with a good head a great size and fantastic movements. Her pedigree is straight Russian. When she is trotting in our pasture we think she came from heaven.


asulaya_002 asulaya_003 asulaya_004 asulaya_005

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