Padron v’t Guitpad

Padron was born in 2000 from a cross between Nikyra v’t Guitpad and Greco de la Grande Lande. Padron is a large male dog born out of our Groenendael breeding program. He has an excellent type and also an excellent character. His father is the well-known Greco de la Grande Lande who was imported from France. Padron is sable coloured and we thought he is a very interesting dog for the Tervueren breeding. We tried to breed him to our Tervueren Danicha v’t Guitpad but unfortunately this was not succesful. He never got ofspring and he died when he was 10 years old from a chancer in his throut. He was a fine and beautiful dog  but it had to be this way.He is still in our memories.




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