Cubik v’t Guitpad

Cubik was born in 2001 from a cross between Ybrisca de la Vignette and Mike v/d Schagerwaard. Cubik was a large dog with an excellent type and also a very good character. He had a beautiful red coloured coat and a short construction. He had very good bones and a good type. His hips scored an A which is the best possible score. His descendents inherited a lot of his good qualities and they are also very successful. His son Chuck von der Feldstiege became Jugendclubsieger-2005 (DKBS) and Youth-Winner-2005 in Amsterdam and also Jugend Europasieger-2006 in Dortmund (VDH). His daughter Chari von der Feldstiege won the intermediate class at the Clubmatch in Hellenhahn in 2006 and became A- VDH-Champion. Her brother Chuck v’d Feldstiege was most succesfull Belgian Sheppard in Germany for many years .Educated as a defence (IPO-III ) and Show Dog Chuck became Clubsieger (DKBS) and Herbstsieger for many years. Because of te great sucessses of this C-Litter the combination was repeated and this E-Litter also was great.One of the females Emba v’d Feldstiege(born in 2007 )became  IPO-III certificated and was a very succesful defence dog. Cubik inherited also some Top-Agiliy dogs such as: Bella-Chica von Coronado(Cubik v’t Guitpad x Chila du Domaine de l’Avernir) bred in Schwitzerland and living and owned by Christa Orthega -Bayern Germany. Another. great agility dog was the female Yakuza Dart (Cubik v’t Guitpad x Wiktoria Dart) Bred and living in Poland. Cubik died in 2015 of his old age. He left us like he was with dignity and in harmony.

We keep him in our dearest memories: A great dog in many ways.

  • Descendants litter 1: Cubik v’t Guitpad x Xemple Roxanne de la Vignette
  • Descendants litter 2: Cubik v’t Guitpad x Bellé von der Lambertshügel (Germany)
  • Descendants litter 3: Cubik v’t Guitpad x Wiktoria Dart (Poland)
  • Descendants litter 4 Cubik v’t Guitpad x Chila du Domaine de l’Avernir.(Schwitzerland)
  • Descendants litter 5 Cubik v’t Guitpad x  Belle von der Lambertshügel(Germany)





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