Jodie v’t Guitpad

Jodie was born on 7 August 2010 from a cross between Danicha v’t Guitpad and Amigo Ingoz de la Tyvell. She has an outgoing character and a beautiful type. Her coat is  beautiful red. Just like her mother she has solid bones and we like her very much. Because of the good results on the KCM-NVBH and the caractertest she was selected Se by the NVBH for breeding. Her first litter came when she was 5 years old . Due to several circumstances she never had offspring so far.

Jodie was mated to Rodin v Moned a beautiful and great grey male on 24 -3-2016. On 24-5-2016 the pups were born. All the pups were red and 4 males and 3 females were born in this M-litter Tervueren.




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