Eshah v’t Guitpad

The female Eshah v‘t Guitpad born on 26 March 2005 is the only pup from the E-Litter that survived. Her sister Eshrana died when she was almost six weeks old. Eshah is a beauty with a very nice outgoing character. Normaly this charming female lives with family in the neighbourhood but for the contribution to our breeding she returns to the place she was born. On 22 March 2008 Eshah v’t Guitpad and Amigo Ingoz de la Tyvell got 5 wonderful pups. In this H-Litter Tervueren 2 males and 3 females were born.


eshah-20-07-05-3 eshah-20-07-05-2 eshah-20-07-05-1 eshah-12w-15 eshah-12w-14 eshah-12w-10 eshah-12w-7 eshah-5maand-2 eshah-5-maand-1 eshah-002


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