Sonja fan’t Hen-Riek Hus

Our first Groenendael, named Sonja fan ‘t Henriek Hus, came to our kennels in 1974 and immediately it was obvious to us that she was a dog with great character. In due course she gave us two litters fathered by Terra Nova’s Aston who was a famous Groenendael in those days. Terra Nova’s Aston was a working dog who was certificated with VH-11. This was very difficult to achieve because the owner of Terra Nova’s Aston was wheel-chair bound and the demands of the VH-11 program were very high. This was a great reflection on both the temperament of the dog and ability of the owner, especially as they achieved very high results. From the first litter we kept Nina ‘t Guitpad to continue our breeding program.

  • Litter 1: Sonja fan ‘t Hendriek Hus x Terra Nova’s Aston

Sonja and Terra Nova’s Aston and our eldest daughter Sjoukje in 1979


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