Nikyra v’t Guitpad

Nikyra v’t Guitpad was born in 1996 from a cross between Gisette v’t Guitpad and Rocky de Marcolina. She is a beautiful dog with a lot of  qualities. Nikyra has so far produced one litter sired by Greco de la Grande Lande and all the pups from this litter were of good quality. From this litter we kept a big male Tervueren named Padron v’t Guitpad.

The second litter of Nikyra v’t Guitpad was born February 2004. The father of this litter is the Italian import Arras-G  Del Colle Ombroso. In this litter there was only one female pup.

  • Litter 1: Nikyra v’t Guitpad x Greco de la Grande Lande
  • Descendents 2: Nikyra v’t Guitpad x Arras-G Del Colle Ombroso



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