Anka v’t Guitpad

Anka v’t Guitpad was born in 1984 from a cross between Nina v’t Guitpad and Engel du domaine Ponti. She was a very typey and healthy dog who was in our kennel for almost seventeen years and during this time gave us three litters. The first cross was with Kaleb Juventus Aristides, the second with Don Urban Del Castel Sardo and the third from Don Neville Del Castel Sardo. Anka produced very good dogs and from the first litter (from Kaleb Juventus Aristides) we kept a female named Eyra v’t Guitpad and from the last litter (from Don Neville Del Castel Sardo) we kept a female named Hiris v’t Guitpad and a male named Haraz v’t Guitpad.

  • Litter 1: Anka v’t Guitpad x Kaleb Juventus Aristides
  • Litter 2: Anka v’t Guitpad x Don Urban del Casto Sardo
  • Litter 3: Anka v’t Guitpad x Don Neville del Casto Sardo


Anka with our daughter


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